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Do you connect with the crystals?
  • Do you feel their energy?
  • Does your hand tingle or go hot or cold when you hold a crystal?
  • Are you attracted to a crystal and don't know why?
  • Does music affect you deeply?
  • Are you drawn to Colours one week and not the next? 
Look no further for your answers ....


Crystalogy ©




Learning about the Crystals allows you to successfully interact with a wide range of knowledge for proper use.  You learn and experience the energy of the crystals. It is amazing what crystals can create with you!
Mother Earth is waiting to show you her magic through her crystals!


Crystalogy © takes you beyond traditional Reiki using appropriate crystals and layouts, with your Crystal treatments. This includes learning gridding, the power of the spheres and technical crystal healing techniques.  This New Level Of Energy Healing with Crystals has been developed with the assistance of many Reiki Masters, Crystal Teachers and Guides over many years.


ALL Levels of  Crystalogy © are Certification Courses

Crystalogy © Level I

Certification Course


9 hours total class time

Highly recommended to split the hours into 3 classes of 3 hours each.


Learn the Power of the crystals.  How do you connect to the Crystals. 

The importance of the Configurations of the Crystals when using them for crystal energy work.

How crystal elixirs can assist family, friends and pets with inner healing.

How to make Crystal Elixirs safely and Setting Intention.

The Power of colours with Crystals and how they relate with the Chakras.

Crystals and The Auric Field.  Crystal Shapes and their meanings.

The Magic of Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Healing.



 Crystalogy ©Level II

The Crystals and the Chakras

Certification Course

$ 200

Total Class time hours 10 hours


You will  learn which crystals connect to each chakra
You will learn in-depth detail of each of the chakras and crystals ... including  colour, sense, consciousness, your personal timeline when each chakra was developing,  vibrational note, Mantra and astrological sign.
In addition ~ how to identify a clear, or blocked chakra and how to handle the block with crystals.
How the chakra is balanced, Open, Overactive or Malfunctioning
and Where on Earth you will Find Mother Earth's chakra
We will cover 5 chakras each class.
You receive complete workbooks, outlines of each class to refer to after you have completed the class with descriptions of the crystals and how they assist you and those you are helping on their journey.



Crystalogy ©Level III

Crystal layouts, Crystal Gridding, The Use of Mandelas, and Crystal Sphere Healing Energy

(you are given 7 crystals and a generator to work with in this Level )

Certification Course

$ 320.

Total Class time hours 16 hours


Crystal Layouts and Crystal Gridding are the foundation of assisting all those who come to you for Energy Healing Work.  The Power of the Crystals, proper breathing techniques and a complete knowledge of how to work with your client is the basis of this level of Crystalogy ©
Learning how to welcome your client into your healing room, setting intention, the crystal layouts from  basic Chakra, to intensifiers, to the ultimate releasing for your clients. 
How to trust your intuition.
How to Listen to the Crystals.
How gridding a client with specific crystal patterns can release in conjunction with crystal layouts.
The beautiful Healing Energy of Crystal Sphere Layouts.
The proper use of Mandalas and Specific Ancient Healing Grids, like the Star of Soloman, the Tree of Life and The Antakarana.
 The Beauty Healing Energy and Gentle Love of the Crystals
are shown to you as you become a Crystal Facilitator.
(Take all  Crystalogy © Levels and 60 accumulated practice hours with written summaries to become a Crystalogy © Master/Teacher)

Crystalogy ©Level IV

Crystal Sacred Geometry

(you are given the 5 Platonic Solids)

Certification Course

$ 400.

Total Class time hours 20 hours

Sacred Geometry teaches that certain geometric patterns, ratios, and designs define the creation of music, the cosmos, and even our physical world as designed by our thoughts. 


Sacred Geometry is also a PATHWAY TO UNDERSTANDING who we are, where we are from and where we are going. It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifested, the finite and the infinite.


All the Crystals (Over 3500 Species found within Mother Earth) are part of Sacred Geometry.  Utilizing what is found in nature, the 4 Elements combined with the Loving Healing Energy of Crystals can create a magical release and healing process.


The Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, The 5 Platonic Solids


We are all Sacred Geometry.





Tera Mai ™ Reiki

Tera Mai ™ Reiki I, II and Mastership.

You are attuned with 14 traditional and non-traditional symbols

and connecting you with Sai Babba, Ascended Masters and St. Germaine.

You work with the Violet Flame and the Fire Dragon Breath and learn a higher

vibrational Energy healing system. There are de-programming techniques,

Karmic Release intense healing amongst other techniques.

QUALIFICATIONS: You must be a Reiki Master to take Tera Mai™ Reiki

Tera Mai ™ Level I - 175.

Tera Mai ™ - Level II - 225.

Tera Mai ™ - Mastership - 325.



To find out availablity and RSVP for more information please go to





Learn the Art of Meditation.

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom." -- Buddha

(This is a customized workshop only for you)
(2 consecutive weeks - 2 hours a week - the day of the week is your choice) -  $30.00 per week

This is scheduled by you with me, here at Angelway . This is a personalized meditation for you. Just you, me and all your loving guides . They want you to connect with you and you getting to know them. Learn to visit your Inner Sanctuary, learn to quiet your mind and learn breathing techniques that will assist you with total relaxation and finally a serene connection to the Universe.

"Meditation is the mirror of the soul, the calmer of all stress and an awakening of purpose"

Dr. Deborah K Grose, D.Div, C.HT, psycho Linguistics Specialist



Manifesting Money -




We all know how .. it's the how come that doesn't seem to work. Learn the 'inside' information of the wealthy, learn how to show you are willing to receive abundance and wealth.

Practical step by step ways to bring more money into your life and let the Universe know you are open to receive.There are crystals that will allow the flow to you.


How to Connect with your Angels, Spirits Guides and Loved Ones

Saturdays only 1 pm - 3 pm (all 3 classes 120.)


An interview with you to establish where you are on your journey.This is a hands-on class. it is customized for you. Crystals that connect you, energy vortex work, Psychometry , practice sessions with guests who are willing to experience your style of reading. Meditation to assist you to connect. Open up your hidden talent. Lifting the veil.




whenever you are ready!

To find out availablity and RSVP for more information please go to


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