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Here at Angelway we are always searching for those Gifted Readers

who are in complete Service to you.

We have been fortunate enough to find such Gifted readers specializing

in different modalities or methods of Connection to The Universe.

 We are pleased and honoured to recommend these readers to you.


Please email or call these fabulous people directly

for your reading time and date.

Vedic Astrology and Palmistry
John Fyfe, President of IIPA (International Institute for Predictive Astrology) in Canada and recipient of the title "Jyotish Kovid". A.F. Dumont, Vedic Astrologer, also recipient of "Jyotish Kovid"
John Fyfe has studied Vedic astrology and palmistry since the early 90's where he underwent intensive studies in India. John has been residing in Ireland the last four years teaching courses and workshops on Astrology and palmistry as well as doing readings throughout Ireland and England. 
Services offered by John:

Vedic Astrology is essentially the link to your inner self, your blueprint. It is the guide that determines your true potential in life and bringing an awareness on how to overcome the repeating obstructions and interferences seen in the birthchart.  Vedic Astrology clearly stands out as a very predictive and accurate tool.
The art of palmistry, the study of the lines and planetary mounts in the hand enhances and confirms what is viewed in the astrology chart. Palmistryguide and give affirmation to us all in cases where the birth time is not clear or known. Palmistry is a very important extra tool that can be used when determining the blueprint or destiny of an individual.
Classes are held in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, with weekend workshops and weekly classes in Vedic Astrology as well as in Palmistry. These classes will be taught by John Fyfe. Vedic astrology/ palmistry readings can be booked while he is in Toronto. John is usually in Toronto 10 days each month and twice a year in Vancouver.
John also offers: -
To strengthen and enhance many weak or afflicted planets, he offers the Kavach as a planetary protection. The Kavach is a Yantra that means protective shield. The Kavach has mystical numbers that enhances each benefic planet in an individual's chart and these numbers are engraved on a silver amulet.John works with a professional jeweler/gemologist who is very aware of the positive energy of gemstones and therefore selects those only of good quality and energy.
 Vedic Astrology Chart readings are done by e-mail or telephone 
To book a Vedic Astrology reading with John Fyfe
email him directly at:
John Fyfe Astrology




Susan Ward - Teacher/Facilitator - Uxbridge, Ontario


Nancy Trozzo - Teacher/Facilitator - Vaughan, Ontario


Gregory Rolak - Teacher/Facilitator - Perth, Ontario




Jennifer Roach - Oshawa, Ontario



 John De Albuquerque - Sutton, Ontario

Heathstone's (416) 529-5995


Veronica Ianceoglu - Phoenix Healing - Mississauga, Ontario

(416) 471-0117



Marguerite Mitchell - Port Perry, Ontario


Jim Hollingworth - Munster, Ontario


Chantal LeCouteur Morais - Moncton, New Brunswick


Claudine LeBouthillier - Moncton, New Brunswick











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