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The GriefRecovery® Outreach Program

12 Weeks that will change your LIFE!

One of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society today is GRIEF. It is surrounded by many myths:

*Time heals all wounds

*Replace the loss

*Grieve alone

*Be strong for others

*Hide your feelings


Grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss. It is the conflicting mass of human emotion that we experience following any change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.

Whether your loss is recent or long ago, it can still limit your ability to participate fully in life. If LOSSES are not resolved in an appropriate manner, GRIEF will continue to adversely affect your life, the lives of those around you and your future relationships.

There are more than 40 events that can create the range of human emotions called grief. Death of a Loved One, Divorce, The ending of a Relationship,
Loss of Trust, The Empty Nest Syndrome, Estrangements, Health Issues, Financial Changes and Retirement, Pet Loss are just a few.

Whether your loss results from a death, divorce or childhood issues,
recovery IS possible.

The GriefRecovery® Outreach Program can assist you in the ultimate journey back to your heart and to the mainstream of your life.

This powerful and dynamic experience is the most productive workshop being offered anywhere on people's reaction to loss. The workshop is the most sensible, accessible and authentic plan available for recovery from loss. For anyone who is grieving, the Personal Workshop offers GriefRecovery® tools that work for any kind of serious loss.

Weekly Appointments include educational and experiential sessions dealing with:

*Concepts of Grief
*Concepts of Recovery
*How Incomplete Loss Occurs
*Identifying Incomplete Losses
*GriefRecovery® Principles
*Moving Beyond Loss

Based on the principles of the GriefRecovery® Institute, The Outreach Program guides you through a series of small and correct choices that help you resolve your loss issues and move beyond your grief to a richer quality of life.

This program provides an emotionally safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment where the losses of each person are respectfully addressed through education and recovery processes.

The goal of the Outreach Program is to assist each participant in discovering their relationship with pain caused by loss and recovery from it.

This 12 week support program is designed to systematically assist people in moving beyond the pain and isolation caused by loss. The program is delivered from the GriefRecovery® concepts utilized in the GriefRecovery® Handbook - The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce and Other Losses (Harper Collins, 1998).

Take the first step in your recovery.

Call today for your initial complimentay consultation then reserve your place for this 12 week program.

You need to go back to move forward in your life.

The GriefRecovery®
Outreach Program
 is a registered trademark of The Grief Recovery Institute®

Our Certified personnel use this distinctive mark to announce their association with The GriefRecovery® and to distinguish themselves from others who help grievers. While the words grief and recovery may be generic, the phrase GriefRecovery® is unique to the principles and actions outlined in The Grief Recovery Handbook and all other literature and programs affiliated with The GriefRecovery® Look for GriefRecovery® - it is your assurance of the highest level of training in the area of helping grievers complete the pain caused by significant emotional losses.

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